Matt is concerned when Bill tells him that he's had a sheep killed by a dog identical to Snip. Meanwhile, Richard pushes Jesse one step too far, and Jesse decides to hand in his resignation.


Matt shows Snip off to Judy as he continues to train her for the sheep dog trials. Sam annoys Annie as he begins to make homemade wine in the kitchen again. Amos decides to go on a diet and ropes Henry into joining him too. Alice is asked to give a talk to the wives group at the church, she plans reluctantly to talk about attitudes to divorce. Bill Mead tells Matt that he's had a ewe killed by a dog identical to Snip. Richard tries to talk to Jesse about the plans for his flock, but Jesse storms out when he finds there's no chance of Richard changing his mind. Henry struggles to adjust to Amos's diet and finds himself filling up on biscuits from Annie's cupboard. Judy tells Alice she's arranged to meet Joe for a drink tonight but insists they are just friends, though she knows the rest of the village probably won't be thinking that. Jesse tells Ruth he's planning to give his notice in to NY Estates.


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