Jimmy finally bursts into the church wearing grimy overalls covered in oil and tells a horrified Nicola, that Carl 's had to stay with the truck. Nicola despairs that with no vicar and no godparent, Angelica's big day is going from bad to worse and takes the drastic decision to call it off. Bishop George finally arrives and explains that Ashley's been suspended from duty. With that, he agrees to step in to conduct the service. Nicola's stress melts away as the service gets under way and Carl finally returns in time for the party. Later, everyone's relieved that the christening's over but Nicola's already thinking about the wedding! Meanwhile, Ashley's reeling after being told that he's been suspended from the church and tries to reason with the Bishop, to no avail. Fuming, he goes to the hospital to confront Sally and demands to know why she's trying to ruin his life with her lies. He's stunned, though, when she reveals the measure of her madness by insisting it's the truth - she genuinely thinks they're an item. Disturbed by how unhinged Sally is, Ashley abruptly warns her to leave him alone. As the villagers continue to gossip about him, Ashley tries to apologise to Nicola but she spitefully tells him that he's made a huge mistake by visiting Sally. Faced with the reality of his situation, Ashley is terrified he could lose both his job and his marriage. Elsewhere, Nikhil's infuriated that he's been stitched up and he's further annoyed when he fails to get hold of the man who sold him the stolen car. Later, Debbie arrives at Holdgate Farm to inform them that Cain has some contacts who could take the car for cash. Aware of Cain's past Nikhil is sceptical but knowing this is the only way of recouping the money, he reluctantly agrees.


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