Charity's determined to land a job in order to save for the wedding but her luck's out when she returns home from the job centre without one. Meanwhile, Nikhil asks Carl if he can make a delivery for them but after agreeing, he realises that he doesn't have a driver. When Chas suggests that Charity should be their driver, Carl's forced to agree to get the job done. When Charity pulls up to the factory to collect the delivery, Nikhil's anxious though has no choice but to let Charity carry out the task. Later, Cain's infuriated to hear that Charity did a job for Carl and he's further put out when Charity coolly insists that she'd do it again. Meanwhile, Carl's frustrated when Anya falls ill and he begrudgingly takes the day off work to look after the kids. He decides to buy them an outdoor trampoline to keep them occupied - and out of his way. Later, Carl's thoughtful when Chas insists that it's a lesson for the both of them, before insisting that she'll stick by him. Elsewhere, Edna 's surprised to find Ashley at the church considering he's suspended, but when he tearfully proclaims he'd never betray Laurel and the children, Edna warms to him as she realises that he's telling the truth.


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