Sally returns from hospital to find that Edna's been persuaded by Ashley's version of recent events and becomes angry when Edna questions her allegations. As the atmosphere intensifies, Edna's frightened by Sally's terse manner and suggests that she should pack her bags and leave the village. For a moment, it's unclear how Sally will react. However, Sally angrily exits and leaves Edna visibly shaken. Later, Edna tells a grateful Ashley that Sally's left and he looks forward to piecing his life back together. Unbeknown to them, though, Sally's malevolently watching them from a window at the B&B. Meanwhile, Charity's curious when Cain suggests that she try and persuade Carl to employ her permanently. Convinced that Cain has a devious plan up his sleeve, Charity tells him to play up the fact that he hates her working for Carl, insisting that it'll satisfy Carl seeing him so worked up. Later, Carl refuses to pay Charity for yesterday's job but she does manage to persuade him to give her a full-time job, starting with a week's unpaid trial. Thrilled, Charity and Cain celebrate at the pub and quietly mull over ways to con Carl to pay for the wedding. Elsewhere, Chas is becoming increasingly frustrated when Carl continues palming off Thomas and Anya onto other people. She takes it upon herself to arrange Carl an appointment with the local school, pushing him to acknowledge his parental responsibilities. Also, Aaron's uneasy seeing Chas with Carl and his kids, while Nikhil asks Debbie to go out for a drink when she drops the money round from the car and it's obvious that they both quite like each other when they meet in The Woolpack.


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