Natasha comforts Will as he struggles to cope with the idea that his father Mark isn't returning home. She's interrupted, though, when Faye knocks at the door, worried that Mark's done something stupid. Natasha, however, couldn't care less and asserts that Faye needs to let him go. Later, Natasha's frightened when Will goes missing and she races into the woods to frantically search for him. Faye confides in Jai about her worries for Mark and decides that it's about time she calls the police. At Home Farm, Natasha's finding it hard to keep control when Will is so abrupt. She's tested further when there's a knock at the door - her heart sinks as she sees the police on her doorstep. Meanwhile, Ashley's grateful when Doug arrives to help with the clear-up and kindly comforts him. He's surprised when Bishop George turns up and is taken aback by the devastation that Sally's caused. The Bishop sincerely apologises for underestimating the gravity of the situation and Ashley's thrilled when he reinstates him with immediate effect. As Ashley celebrates, Ashley looks forward to reconciliation with Laurel now that Sally's gone for good and is pleased when his phone call to her is hopeful. Elsewhere, Sam's smitten when he, Belle and Olena are clearing out the chicken coop. In the pub, Eli reveals to Zak that Sam's truly head over heels for Olena. Later, a bashful Sam is chuffed when Zak tells him to go for it with Olena.


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