Natasha's anxious as the police question her about Mark but reveals that she'd be happy if she never saw him again. PC Swirling is taken aback by Natasha's cold attitude and she realises that she's going to have to fill them in on Mark's history. As she explains, PC Swirling's intrigued and based on hearing of Mark's bigamy, the police are further encouraged to investigate his disappearance. Meanwhile, Faye tells Ryan that she rang the police but a dismissive Ryan tells his mother that she really needs to get over it. At Home Farm, the police officers make to leave but before they do, they enquire about his passport and take a family photo, leaving Natasha reeling. At Tenant House, the police officers pay Faye a visit and question her about Mark's bigamy. Tired and emotional, Faye asserts that they should be concentrating on finding him first. Meanwhile, Maisie wrestles with her feelings for Ryan and he reluctantly agrees when she nervously asks for a private word. She feels helpless as she confides in him about her family but as she starts to toy with her feelings for him, Ryan's on edge. Maisie is devastated, though, as he knocks her back and with that, she moves in for a kiss. Disgusted, Ryan pushes her away and as his sympathy turns to anger, Maisie's lost as he storms off. Elsewhere, Kayleigh teases Victoria when she sees her getting a lift from Moira and Hannah and suggests that Victoria should have a go at texting Hannah. Meanwhile, Moira and John notice that Hannah ignores her phone when it goes off. So when it goes off again, her family tease that she has got a boyfriend, completely unaware of what she is really going through.


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