Nathan offers to help run the estate while Natasha concentrates on helping Maisie and Will through the tough time. Natasha, however, tells Nathan that the shoots must remain closed, leaving Nathan curious. At the pub, Natasha shares her concern about Maisie with Diane who admits that Maisie's had a couple of shaky moments. Faye turns Jai down when he offers her the chance to return to work. Instead, Faye insists that she wants to concentrate on finding Mark. Later, Natasha speaks to Faye, who's incredulous when she mentions that Ryan should stay away from Maisie. Faye is furious with Natasha for trying to forget about Mark and unable to let it go, Faye asserts she has to know how and where he is. Ryan's alarmed by Faye's determination to find Mark and leaves Faye reeling as he issues her with an ultimatum. Meanwhile, Diane reminds Victoria that Jack hated bullies and confiscates her phone until she tells Kayleigh to stop the bullying. Later, Moira and Diane are shocked when Victoria returns home from school with scratches on her face and a bleeding earlobe. Diane assumes that Hannah's to blame and confronts Moira. Victoria, however, admits that Kayleigh did it, leaving Moira fired up to take action. Elsewhere, Carl's still avoiding taking responsibility for his children and Jimmy's concerned when his brother unconvincingly suggests that he'll make time for them this afternoon. Later, having still not spent time with them, Chas tells him that he might actually enjoy it if he made the effort.


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Memorable dialogue

Jai Sharma: "You know, how is it you always manage to wind your bosses up so badly?"
Debbie Dingle: "Oh, it's the effect she has, they either want to murder her or marry her!"

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