The police ask Natasha to ID the body that they've found, while Ryan's sympathetic when he breaks the news to Faye about the gruesome discovery. At the morgue, Natasha's shocked when Faye arrives and as they're called through, Faye takes Natasha's hand. After glimpsing at the body, Natasha informs the police that it's not Mark and quickly pulls away from Faye. Upon hearing that the body isn't that of their father, Maisie's desperate for Mark to return home. Back in the village, Natasha and Faye find an uneasy solace in their shared ordeal and as Ryan remains cold towards Faye, Natasha assures her that he still clearly cares for her. Overwrought, Natasha breaks down and tells Faye that she knows Mark's dead, before reeling in shock at her veiled confession. Meanwhile, Marlon's concerned for Diane when she admits that she's struggling with everything, especially as it's the anniversary of Jack's death tomorrow. Marlon later gives Moira food for thought when he reveals that Diane's worried about losing her as a friend. Moira tells a relieved Diane that she loves her job and thoroughly enjoys working with her, so wants to put the whole school incident behind them. Elsewhere, Shadrach's flustered as he rushes outside. He's horrified, though, when he rushes back inside to find that the roof has fallen in and the bath is now in the flooded living room. Anticipating Zak's reaction, Shadrach does a runner, instead of staying to face the music.


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