Carl arrives home with gifts for the children and promises to take them out for the afternoon. Nicola, however, is fuming when she can't find her mascara and when Scarlett's new handbag disappears after lending it to Anya, Carl's suspicious of the kids. Anya later admits to Thomas that she's to blame and has accidentally spilled nail varnish in Scarlett's new handbag. When Carl finds Anya trying to clean the bag, he's aghast that she lied to him. He's further at a loss when Thomas tells him that he and Anya hate him. Chas is stunned when he claims that he's tried his best but being a dad isn't for him - and he's arranged for Colleen's sister to look after them. Meanwhile, Nathan's still fuming about Ryan's appearance at Home Farm and goes to the garage to confront him. There, he tells Ryan that he was nothing to Mark. Later, Natasha asks Diane to tell Maisie that she should take some time off to sort herself out. Maisie, however, is incredulous to learn that Natasha's had a word with Diane and decides to settle herself on the other side of the bar for a drink. Ashley finds Natasha sat alone in the church and proclaims that he's always there should she wish to talk. Sam's clearly missing living with Olena and when he takes a picture around that Samson drew of them, she uses work as an excuse to avoid him. Also, Gennie and Jamie enjoy a cosy night in watching a film and end up kissing on the sofa.


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