Nikhil and Jai are furious when they discover that some cabling has been stolen from the factory. Suspecting that the Dingles are somehow involved, the brothers call the police. Later, Lisa, Sam and Olena take Shadrach's van to collect a sofa but panic when a police car flashes at them to pull over. Unaware of Shadrach's stolen goods, Olena assumes that they're going to arrest her for being an illegal immigrant. Unsure over what to do, Lisa speeds up, allowing Sam and Olena out to make a run for it. Lisa's baffled by the roll of cable in back of the van but when the policeman notices Sam and Olena escaping, he's ready to give chase. In a moment of further panic, Lisa grabs the officer's arm and punches him in the face. The police waste no time in arresting a frightened Lisa for assault and possession of stolen goods. Meanwhile, Katie's sickened by Nathan's revelation and confronts Ryan, bluntly asking whether he was in a relationship with Maisie. Ryan assures Katie that he didn't want to hurt her but irate, she orders him out of the house. Elsewhere, Charity's at the garage with Debbie when an old contact of Cain's arrives with a load of satnavs that need selling. Pondering the dodgy job, Debbie insists they don't have the cash to buy them. Charity, however, suggests that Nikhil does and his fascination with Debbie may help to get him on side.


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