Bill confronts Matt over Snip attacking another one of his lambs, and Matt decides to put him down. However, Joe discovers that Snip has been sleeping in Mick's barn and stopped another dog going for Dave's lambs - will he stop Matt in time? Meanwhile, Judy tries to give Richard some advice but Richard throws her out.


Bill confronts Matt over Snip attacking another one of his lambs. Matt notices that she's escaped from her kennel. He tells Matt he wants something done about her and the cost of the two dead sheep. Matt's convinced Snip isn't responsible but makes an appointment with the vet to have her put down when Snip returns with dried blood on her. Amos struggles to eat his healthy breakfast, admitting to Henry he's begun dreaming about food. Alice calls to see Jesse and Ruth trying to subtly offer her help, but she worries that she's offended Jesse when he walks out. Dave Duncan tells Joe that Snip has been sleeping in Mick Ledder's barn the last few nights and that she prevented another dog from going for his lambs last night, giving him a bite. Joe tries to ring Matt before he takes Snip to the vet's but Matt is already in the car. Richard tries to convince Henry that NY Estates' plans for the area are well thought out, but Henry remains unconvinced. Joe makes a phone call to the vet's, leaving a message for Matt there. Amos tells Henry he's thinking of getting an allotment. Sam hears about Jesse handing in his notice and goes to find out what he's playing at. He tries to make him change his mind. Richard hears that Seth saw the dog chasing sheep on Home Farm land earlier and shot it. Judy tells Richard he should make an effort to make Jesse stay, or at the very least talk to Maurice to get advice on how to handle the situation. Richard angrily tells her he's sick of people telling him how to do his job.


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  • The Woolpack - Public bar and backroom
  • Emmerdale Farm - Farmhouse kitchen/living room, yard, cowshed and fields
  • Home Farm - Study
  • Unknown farmhouse and farmland
  • Unknown woodland
  • Unknown road
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