Natasha returns and is incredulous when Ryan reveals all about Nathan attacking Faye. Concerned, Natasha goes to visit Faye and they share an odd connection as Faye blames Mark for the mess. Natasha assures Faye that Nathan won't be attacking her again, before resolving to put her family on the straight and narrow once and for all. At Home Farm, Natasha's livid when she learns that Nathan's out in the grounds with a man and his dog for a tour of the estate. As she catches up with them, Natasha sees that the dog scratching at the ground near where Mark is buried. Horrified, Natasha quickly grabs the dog and yanks it off the ground. Back at the house, Natasha's at breaking point when Nathan confronts her about what's going on. Meanwhile, Debbie questions the strained atmosphere and Charity can't resist telling Debbie about Cain's involvement in the heist when. Cain knows that he's blown his chances as they vent their anger at him. Charity soon goes on to seethe that he can forget their wedding. Elsewhere, Laurel's touched when Ashley turns up at the factory with a bunch of flowers and offers to walk her home. He's buoyed as she kisses him and leads him back home.


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