Natasha's preoccupied by Nathan's demands and when he spends the morning in town with Maisie, Natasha's furious. Nathan's torn when Maisie suggests that he should be nicer to their mum but when Natasha gives him one last chance to reconcile, he chooses the money. Natasha congratulates Nathan for financially crippling his own family and instructs him to say his goodbyes. With that, Nathan claims that he's leaving for a job in London immediately. There's a sense that Nathan cares for Maisie and Will enough not to leave but seeing his mother's scorn prompts him to drive off. Before he leaves, though, Nathan visits Ryan and venomously exclaims he holds him fully responsible for destroying his family. Meanwhile, Debbie's annoyed when Cain gives her a share of the money from the satnav deal and accuses him of always trying to take control of everything she does. Debbie contemplates taking Ryan's contact up on his Dubai offer but soon backtracks when Andy disagrees with her taking Sarah so far away. Elsewhere, Nicola's irritated when she can't find a file she needs for work. When she leaves, Thomas hands over the file to Jimmy covered in graffiti. Later, Jimmy tries to make it up to Nicola by cooking her a nice meal. However, when Scarlett drops the kids off at home, their romantic plans are scuppered.


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