Annie is thrilled to discover Jack will be returning soon. Ruth convinces Jesse to ask for his job back. Henry causes Amos to give in and quit his diet.


Annie's pleased when she receives a letter from Jack stating he's coming home next week. Amos makes plans for his allotment. Annie and Alice return from the young wives meeting, it having gone a success. Amos is upset when Seth tells him there's a nine-month waiting for an allotment. Sam worries that Jack is returning to Beckindale because there is something wrong. Henry hears noises in the night and creeps downstairs to find Amos breaking the rules of his diet. Matt continues training Snip for the sheepdog trials. Henry takes the opportunity to cook a full breakfast in the morning and waves it under Amos' nose, causing him to give in completely. Ruth tries to persuade Jesse from quitting his job, explaining that by the time the forest is built he will be retiring. Later that afternoon, the sheepdog trials get underway. Jesse mentions to Richard that there's extra grazing going up at Bull Pot Farm and they arrange to discuss the idea tomorrow. Judy enjoys spending time with Joe and asks if he wants to meet for a walk at the weekend, but he says he's going to visit Kitty in Essex. Matt leaves the trial to visit Dolly, leaving Joe to collect his prizes.


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