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Nicola leaves Angelica briefly unattended and panics when she returns to find her baby has vanished. She wastes no time blaming Thomas and Anya as Nikhil arranges a search party. Moments later, Gennie returns Angelica to Nicola, claiming that she found her near the graveyard. Back at Mill Cottage, Nicola's adamant that the children were responsible, prompting another argument with Carl. Meanwhile, Laurel and Ashley rush to the church when they hear the bells ringing. Sally remains hidden inside and overhears Laurel discussing going away the following night. When Laurel and Ashley leave, Sally lights a candle and threateningly burns the picture of Ashley that she stole from Mulberry. Elsewhere, Zak's curt with Olena when she tries to comfort Belle . Olena decides to give them some space and Sam's ultimately put out when she moves into Tall Trees with Eli.


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