The family are thrilled when Jack returns but it's clear there's something borrowing him. Meanwhile, Jane is concerned about how Danny has been after losing his job.


Danny Moorcock calls at Emmerdale Farm to see if he can persuade Joe to join his football team, he doesn't get far. At the same time, Danny's mother, Jane Moorcock, speaks to Bob about Danny keeping his time occupied with gardening and football since losing his job. Danny explains to Amos and Henry that they're one short of a full team against Hotten. They're surprised they're even playing somebody as good as Hotten team. Danny gets a surprise when he runs into his old friend Jack Sugden on Main Street. Joe's irritated by Jack's impending return as Annie is preoccupied about getting the house organised for him. She and Sam are thrilled when he turns up early. While they wait for Joe to arrive, Jack offers to help Matt with the ewes on the farm. Later, Joe and Danny discuss their thoughts on whether Jack will slot back into the village. Jack tells Annie and Sam that he's working on a travel book of the North of England for the American market. They try to find out if he's likely to be staying long but he retires to bed. Sam and Annie note that there is something bothering him.


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Memorable dialogue

Henry Wilks: "Oh come on, Amos. Where's your heart?"
Amos Brearly: "Underneath me wallet, Mr. Wilks."

Sam Pearson: "Oh, Annie, it's the uh, man from the travelling library."
Annie Sugden: "Eh?! They're not coming round door to door now, are they?"
Jack Sugden: "Just trying to encourage more people to read, Mrs Sugden."

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