Paddy's puzzled when a shifty-looking Aaron tells him he's going into Hotten. Offering him a lift, Paddy drops Aaron off and parks up around the corner from where he leaves him. As Paddy watches Aaron hand Jackson his business card, Paddy wrongly assumes that Aaron's dealing drugs. At the Woolpack, a worried Paddy confides in Marlon about his fears for Aaron. Meanwhile, Scarlett forces Jimmy and Carl to resolve their differences. Jimmy, however, is indignant when Carl refuses to apologise for evicting them. Elsewhere, Ashley's in turmoil and remains distant with Laurel; Rodney feels bad for Jimmy and Nicola and so reluctantly gives them his room to stay in; Olena's uncomfortable that Sam's clearly still smitten with him; John refuses to let Holly get into a war with the locals when Brenda cruelly comments about the chemical spill; and Sam's put out when Olena invites Eli and Lizzie along to the pub.


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