Aaron maintains that he's not dealing drugs, while Paddy continues to interrogate him about Jackson. Aaron eventually snaps with Paddy and demands that he stop asking questions about the pub he went to as he's starting to sound like Adam with all his accusations. At that moment, the penny drops for Paddy - with that, Paddy cautiously asks Aaron if he's gay. Struggling to contain his rage, Aaron goes to leave but desperate for him to talk, Paddy shuts the door and continues asking questions. As Paddy persists, the red mist finally descends on Aaron who brutally attacks Paddy. Aaron's sickened by his own actions as he stares at a bloodied Paddy on the floor. Paddy refuses to let Aaron go through his struggle alone and with that, Aaron's bravado finally cracks. Aaron's emotions come pouring out and he confesses he hates being gay. Refusing to face up to his sexuality, Aaron forces Paddy out of his situation. Determined not to give up on him, Paddy approaches Aaron again, only to find him packing his bags. A distraught Aaron refuses to let Paddy stop him from leaving and he runs downstairs into the night. Meanwhile, Natasha's concerned by Maisie's odd behaviour. Natasha demands to know what's going on but a paranoid Maisie heads to bed. Elsewhere, Sam's crushed when Olena refuses to marry him, using the excuse that she'll be sent home for being an illegal immigrant. Later, Olena's hopeful when Eli insists that Sam will move on now she's been straight with him. Also, David and Leyla return from the club early and they become passionate in the village, only to be interrupted by Zak.


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