Natasha's furious when Maisie admits that she tried cocaine while she was clubbing the previous night. Natasha can't believe that her daughter's been so careless, considering her fragile mental state. Nicola's intrigued to see that Holly's on edge and points a fact-finding Natasha in her direction. Angry over what's happened, Natasha sacks Holly for supplying her daughter with drugs and warns her to stay away from Home Farm. In the pub, John and Moira are horrified when Natasha reveals what's happened. Back at Butlers, John and Moira confront Holly over the cocaine issue but Holly brushes them off, leaving her parents worried at her casual attitude. Meanwhile, Marlon's sick with worry as a battered and bruised Paddy opens the door to him. Marlon's furious to discover that Aaron's responsible for the attack and tells him to go to the police. Paddy defends Aaron's actions and tells Marlon to trust him - he needs to know where Aaron is as he really needs his help. At the pub, though, a frustrated Marlon reveals Paddy's state to a furious Chas. With that, Chas heads round to see him but Paddy refuses to talk and pushes her away. Chas's mind goes into overdrive as she begins to worry about her son. Elsewhere, Sam's full of hope when he asks Cain to get hold of a dodgy passport for Olena. Sam's in good spirits when he sees her and Olena misreads his optimism - she thinks that Sam's finally getting over her. Also, Natasha receives a call from the bank and begins to worry about her finances; and a glum Rodney tells Charlie that Sue dumped him thanks to his dating advice.


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