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Paddy's determined to hide his injuries but when Pearl sees him through the door, he lies that he was mugged by a group of lads. Meanwhile, Chas is fraught with worry about Aaron and unable to control her fears, she goes to see Paddy. When Aaron eventually arrives home, Chas is quick to lay into him about his disappearing act but when Paddy defends Aaron, Chas is further puzzled. When Chas leaves, Paddy attempts to talk to Aaron about his confusion and self-loathing but Aaron refuses to listen. Meanwhile, Moira insists on a softly-softly approach as she and John argue about Holly's punishment. Adam's stunned, though, when Holly reveals that the reason their parents are arguing is because she's become involved with drugs. Later, John and Moira try to talk to Holly but they're unconvinced when she reluctantly promises not to touch any drugs again. Will Holly keep her word? Elsewhere, Cain's incredulous when he discovers that Sam's asking for the dodgy passport as a surprise for Olena. Across the village, Olena and Eli are happy that Sam seems to have accepted her living at Tall Trees. Also, Faye and Jai flirt on their way to the pub; Natasha despairs at Leyla when one of the shop suppliers is unhappy; and Charlie coaches Rodney through the singles' ads.


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