Chas is determined to get to the bottom of Aaron's attack on Paddy and quietly calls the police. Paddy manages to convince the police that Aaron wasn't responsible for his injuries but when Aaron returns, they're both confused over who reported him. Chas turns up to talk to Paddy and Aaron's furious to learn that she was the one who called the police about him. Paddy asks Chas to keep her distance from Aaron and refuses to tell her what is going on. Paddy, however, reassures Chas that Aaron isn't in any criminal trouble. Chas is mortified that she can't help her son. Meanwhile, Ashley's sudden mood swings aren't going unnoticed. Laurel's concerned by his behaviour and is put out when he refuses to confide in her. Later, Sandy senses that something's wrong with Ashley, prompting Laurel to confide that her husband seems distant. Laurel's thoughtful when Sandy encourages her to raise her concerns with Ashley directly. Elsewhere, Holly's grateful when John lies to Hannah about the real reason her sister lost her job. Hannah kindly suggests that she should ask Viv for a job but Holly's reluctant, as Viv will want to know why Natasha sacked her. Also, Jamie catches a glimpse of Paddy's injuries; Adam teases Hannah about her new braces; Pearl tells Jamie that Paddy was mugged; and it's not long before Jamie lets slip in the pub and the gossip starts spreading.


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