Danny is thrilled when Richard reveals he can get him a job - but not so much when it's in Derbyshire. Meanwhile, Jack reveals that he is sick of writing and has lost interest.


Sam and Amos each decide to enter a competition for a holiday in Ireland, the competition being based on the best poem about cows. Henry receives a letter from his former company offering him the chance to do some writing for a history book of the company. Bob tries to encourage Danny to claim benefits now he is unemployed. Jack receives a phone call and tells Annie he's going to have to go to London overnight. Annie worries overhearing him almost arguing on the phone. Jack later tells Joe that his work isn't going too well and he doesn't know why he got involved in it in the first place. Amos tries to impress Sam with his poetry skills by coming up with a rhyme about cattle and he takes a mental note. Danny calls to see Richard to find if NY Estates have any jobs. Richard says he might be able to set him up with a job in Derbyshire. Danny is reluctant but asks Richard to get more information for him. Judy is intrigued by Jack when she meets him and tries to find out more about his lifestyle. Joe informs Annie that Jack doesn't seem to be enjoying writing anymore. He thinks he's doing somebody else's work. Bob worries about Danny feeling cut off now he is no longer working. Joe reconsiders and agrees to play in the friendly football game against Hotten. Danny informs Joe and Judy of his potential job offer in Derbyshire but worries that his mother wouldn't want to leave.


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