Cain and Charity arrange the details for their first car scam at a nearby posh hotel. In their disguises, Charity spots her first target as Cain watches from the corner of the bar. However, when their target's girlfriend turns up, Charity makes a quick exit. Outside, Cain's annoyed when he assumes that they couldn't pull off the heist. Nevertheless, Charity pulls out the guy's car keys with a smile. Later, Charity and Cain bask in their success as Cain returns with a wad of cash, having sold their first motor. Meanwhile, Aaron's alarmed when Jackson turns up at the garage and hurriedly arranges to meet him in town for a drink. Later at the bus stop, Aaron bottles out of meeting Jackson when he sees that Scarlett's about to head into town, too. Instead, Aaron heads to the café with Victoria but is taken aback when she suggests that they give their relationship another go. Aaron abruptly leaves and on his return home, he avoids Paddy's questioning about his mood. Elsewhere, Olena tells Eli about Zak's demand that she leave the village. Annoyed, Eli finds himself confessing his feelings for her and touched that she feels the same, they share a kiss. Also, Katie and Andy are shocked to see Eve back in the village and make it clear she's not welcome; Ryan agrees to move into Dale View with Andy but Ryan's doubtful that Natasha or Faye would agree to the idea; and Eric covers when Terry suggests paying Olena through the books.


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