Jane is furious to discover Danny has kept Richard's job offer secret, however she remind him that if he takes it, he'll be on his own. Also, Jack decides on a career change.


Sam enters the holiday competition by posting a poem. Amos tries to motivate Henry to knuckle down to a writing environment in an effort to put him off the idea. Jack arrives back at the farm from London. Richard asks Jane to pass on the news to Danny that he might have a job for him Derbyshire. Jack hints to Joe he's now in a different sort of fix. Henry struggles to work the typewriter and abandons his writing idea to Amos' secret pleasure. Joe's annoyed when Annie and Sam try to find out what Jack's problems are. Bob and Alice decide to turn the vicarage back garden into an allotment and tease Amos by asking for his assistance. He agrees to think about it but dashes off, clearly with no intention. Alice is offended when she's snubbed by Jane as she passes her. Jane tells Danny about the job in Derbyshire. She isn't pleased when he considers it and warns him that she won't ever leave Beckindale. Jack tells Annie he's walked out and broken his contract at work after his book was being constantly rewritten. He tells Annie that his work isn't very good and he's considering packing it in.


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