Aaron happily meets Jackson again and comfortable in each other's company, they begin to enjoy themselves. When Jackson goes to the bar, he gives Aaron a quick kiss. They leave the bar in Hotten and as they stand outside, Aaron doesn't see Adam and Scarlett across the road. Jackson leans in to kiss Aaron who's a little taken aback but responds. He's chuffed as he watches Jackson head off but is horrified when he turns to see Adam staring at him. With that, Adam hurriedly ushers Scarlett away before she sees. Alone, Aaron's left in utter turmoil. Meanwhile, Cain struggles to cope as he watches Charity get ready for her 'date' with Declan. At the pub, she's on edge as she watches Declan and Nikhil chatting at the bar. Charity begins to relax, though, as they enjoy the banter. She's enraged, however, when she realises that Declan knew about Cain before he kissed her. Returning home, Cain's incredulous as she admits what happened, but she asserts that she's the injured party, not him. Elsewhere, Nicola's furious when she learns about Jimmy and Carl's secret boozy sessions. His attempts to make amends fail miserably, though, and she asserts that he'll be sleeping on the sofa. Also, Eli quits his job at the factory; Charlie buys Diane a drink and he's thoughtful when he sees her with Doug; and Terry's concerned when David explains the severity of the immigration authorities.


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