Danny heavily considers Richard's job offer, whilst Jack finally decides to give up writing.


Jack and Danny go for a walk and reflect on old times. Bob starts work on the back garden of the Vicarage with Sam's help. Jack discusses leaving his job with Joe. He tells Joe he has no more work and is out of ideas. He says he'd like to stay in Beckindale for a while. Annie passes on a message to Amos that Henry heard from the editor at the Hotten Courier that the Hotten sports reporter doesn't think the Beckindale match is worth reporting, so they want Amos to cover it instead. Jane tries to talk Danny out of the Derbyshire job. Amos asks Danny to pop down to see him tomorrow to give him some advice as he wants to do the Beckindale football report justice. Jack chats to Sam about his career in writing and explains that the only book he's written that was popular was 'Field of Tares', he considers giving it up completely. Amos rings the traveling library and asks if they can provide a book on the basics of football for him. Danny tells Jane that he's fed up of being on the dole and is considering taking the job in Derbyshire.


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  • The Woolpack - Public bar
  • Vicarage - Hallway, Lounge, Back garden
  • Emmerdale Farm - Farmhouse kitchen/living room, Yard, Cowshed, Field
  • Moorcocks' House - Living room, Kitchen, Front garden
  • Unknown roads
  • Moors
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