As the garage fills up with smoke, Aaron drifts out of consciousness. Paddy, meanwhile, tries to reassure a concerned Chas about Aaron's situation and they're grateful when Adam offers to look for him around the village. Noticing smoke billowing from the garage, Adam rushes across and with Cain's help they force the doors open, pulling Aaron's lifeless body from the car. Cain races to retrieve Chas and Paddy who are horrified by the situation. Adam desperately attempts to resuscitate Aaron as they all wait for the ambulance to arrive. Meanwhile, Natasha's begrudgingly impressed by Declan's business strategy. He offers her a non-negotiable deal for a 51% share in Home Farm, leaving Natasha pensive about her future. Later, Natasha agrees to Declan's offer and they toast their new partnership in The Woolpack. Elsewhere, as Nicola searches for Jimmy, Carl informs her that the children are leaving soon. Nicola joins in with their game on the Wii and Carl's surprised when she insists that he's done a good job raising the kids. Also, John and Moira allow Holly to go out with Roz but John's anxious as he watches them leave; Charlie notices Diane's reluctance to condone his double date with Rodney ; and Jimmy asks Carl to be his best man at the wedding.


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