Chas apologises to Paddy for blaming him for Aaron's suicide attempt and they're relieved when Aaron finally begins to regain consciousness. The Dingles rally around for Chas and they're delighted when the doctor reveals that Aaron will be okay. Zak questions why Aaron would want to kill himself but Cain glosses over the question. Alone, Chas tentatively tells Aaron that she doesn't care that he's gay. Aaron, however, doesn't feel the same and reveals to a distraught Paddy that nothing's changed - he wishes that he was dead. Meanwhile, David's furious with Eric for the humiliation he's caused, knowing Olena was an illegal immigrant. To add insult to injury, Terry and Brenda make it clear that they're not helping with the £7,000 fine. Later, Leyla reveals that David's seriously considering quitting the council. Elsewhere, Roz supplies Holly with some pills and Holly insists that she'll pay her back later. Unaware of her intentions for the cash, John offers to pay his daughter £20 to help out on the farm. Also, a downbeat Eli receives a letter from Olena; using their lottery winnings, Gennie and Jamie decide to go to Newquay; Doug's miffed to see a growing interest between Diane and Charlie; and Cain bites his tongue when Diane comments on Aaron's apparently homophobic attack on Jackson.


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