Aaron's out of hospital but not out of the closet – and, sadly for him, not out of Chas's reach. She's determined to be there for her son, whether he likes it or not. What Aaron likes is when Adam comes to visit him at Smithy Cottage; Adam doesn't act like he's walking on eggshells around him. Chas, on the other hand, is full-on smother-love – and predictably insensitive. Having walked out on Paddy for Carl, she now tells Paddy that she's moving back into Smithy so she can help support Aaron. Surely she's not planning on bringing Carl with her. The whole Eric/Sam/Zak misery starts to clear up when Eric tells Sam he forgives him for dropping a dime on Olena and costing him a damn good cleaner/kitchen assistant/waitress and a £7,000 fine. Now, can Sam forgive Zak for interfering in his (imaginary) relationship with Olena? Eli, another victim of Sam's betrayal, is still not in the mood to forgive anyone and is mightily irritated when Jai docks his final salary. Eli's more used to stealing – and slips off with £20 out of Faye's purse. Who will he target next?


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