Eli tries to wake an unconscious Eric but greed gets the better of him and he does a runner with the cashbox instead, leaving a bloodied Eric slumped at the bottom of the stairs. Brenda, meanwhile, notices Sam acting shiftily when he asks to pay £200 into Olena's bank account. Sam heads to the B&B, only to discover Eric in need of help. Sam's later proud when Diane points out that he's more than likely saved Eric's life. At the hospital, however, Brenda mentions Sam's money transfer. Val and Terry are convinced that Sam burgled the B&B but Eric's sure that he wouldn't do such a thing. Meanwhile, Natasha's put out when Declan tells John that he won't be selling Butlers. She coolly insists that he inform her of his business plans before anyone else. In the Woolpack, Maisie's suspicious about Declan's intentions when he asks her to dinner. Natasha tries hard to hide her irritation but it's clear that she's surprised. Elsewhere, Chas realises how selfish she sounds when she asks Paddy if Carl can come round. Later, Chas tells Aaron that no matter how long it takes, she'll wait for him to let her in to his life. Also, Eli feels guilty about Eric's accident but is relieved when Marlon reveals that Eric's not dead; Viv insensitively calls Aaron an attention seeker, much to the disgust of Zak and Marlon; Edna informs Eve that she's secured her a job at Butlers with the Bartons; and Diane's grateful when Doug offers to talk to Victoria but he inadvertently hardens her resolve to leave school.


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