Natasha's clearly relieved when Maisie admits that she fancies Nikhil, not Declan, while Declan's pleased that he seems to be getting to Natasha. The Wyldes have bigger problems, though, when Nathan returns to the village. Natasha can't believe her son's audacity but his comeback makes sense when he reveals that Maisie informed him about Declan. Nathan insists that he's back to help but Natasha's unable to contain her anger as she realises that he's blackmailing her once again - this time to allow him return to the family fold. In turmoil, Natasha breaks down. Meanwhile, Chas and Paddy are relaxed in each other's company at Smithy. However, it doesn't go unnoticed when Aaron catches them play fighting. Aaron's left worrying that having Chas around is bringing back unnecessarily fond memories for Paddy. Elsewhere, Declan tells Nikhil that Maisie fancies him, so he makes a concerted effort to flirt with her at The Woolpack. Jai, however, reminds his brother that he once failed at wooing Maisie. Also, Nicola ropes Leyla into making her wedding dress for her; Alan's flattered when Declan asks his advice about Home Farm; Adam points out that Adele clearly has a crush on Andy; Gennie and Jamie return from Newquay in high spirits; and Terry's furious when Val suggests claiming compensation for Eric's fall.


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Nikhil Sharma: "So uh... you and him official, then?"
Maisie Wylde: "Not since you spent last night chatting me up."
Nikhil Sharma: "Well, I wasn't..."
Maisie Wylde: "It's all right. I knew he was using me. It was nice to be able to get my own back."
(Nikhil's phone rings and he answers)
Nikhil Sharma: "Hello?"
Jai Sharma: "Any chance of that drink in the next hour?"
(Maisie laughs)
Nikhil Sharma: "Sorry. High maintenance brother."

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