Having finally persuaded Natasha to let him stay, Nathan wastes no time in ensuring that Declan knows who he is and his place in the family. When Will gives Nathan a hero's welcome to his brother, Natasha realises that she has to let him stay. Natasha, however, she makes it clear to Nathan that he shouldn't get too comfortable. A plan forming in his mind, Nathan visits Declan and attempts to force him into selling his share of Home Farm. However, Declan's unmoved by Nathan's childish demands and insists that he's going nowhere. Nathan's uncharacteristically left rattled by their discussion. Meanwhile, Paddy's defensive when Aaron notices his increasing affection towards Chas. Not wanting Paddy to get hurt, Aaron kindly convinces Chas that it's time for her to move out. Chas tentatively smiles when he suggests that she could still stop by on occasion to check on him. Elsewhere, Nicola's taken aback when she discovers that the substitute nursery teacher Gemma is so young. When Nicola returns to the nursery and finds Angelica with a full nappy, she causes a scene and accuses Gemma of neglect. Also, Terry tells Val and Eric that he's selling his half of the B&B and they quietly consider buying him out; Doug's annoyed by Diane's delight when Charlie returns from France; and Gennie and Jamie are thoughtful at the possibility of running a pub they saw in Newquay.


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