Danny decides to leave Beckindale for Derbyshire, whilst Jack decides to leave Italy for Beckindale. Meanwhile, Joe is suspicious of Jack's intentions.


Jack admits to Danny he's unsure on whether to come back to Beckindale permanently. Danny thinks he's daft leaving Italy to return to the Dales and can't see him fitting back into village life. Bob tries to persuade Jane that she needs to let Danny decide for himself on the Derbyshire job, thinking leaving Beckindale would do him good. She admits she doesn't want to be on her own. Amos is startled by some late night visitors at The Woolpack who claim they are lost looking for Emmerdale. Matt tells Jack that he thinks Joe feels in his shadow. The two visitors, Alan and Annette Stevenson, are friends of Jack's from Italy. They arrive at the farm and see Jack. Jane supports Danny when he admits he needs to go through with the job. Jack helps Matt deliver a calf. He admits he's decided he doesn't want to return to Europe and wants to stay in Beckindale. Joe finds out from Alan that Jack's letting him and Annette use his flat in Italy and discovers Jack has no intention of returning. Jack announces the news over breakfast. Sam receives notice that he's won the competition for a holiday in Ireland. He invites Annie with him. Richard arranges the interview for Danny's job in Derbyshire. Joe complains to Annie about Jack, accusing him of slyly trying to worm his way back into the farm.


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