Peggy returns home from hospital with the twins. Henry begins adjusting to farm life as he milks a cow for the first time.


Matt is pleased to hear that Peggy and the twins can come out of hospital. Joe has to rescue Penny after she has a fall. David seems antagonistic towards Gwen. Sam is upset because he was not the first person to see the twins when Peggy brought them home; Annie tells him to stop complaining. Gwen struggles to sleep due to the bed that her and Penny are in, she listens to Jack pacing up and down trying to get inspiration for his book. She goes upstairs to ask Jack if she can sleep in his bed; he gets the wrong idea and is relieved when she says because the one downstairs is being occupied mainly by Penny. Sam tells Annie that it is time he got some respect in the family. Henry helps out on the farm and milks a cow for the first time. Buckley has complained about David interfering on the building site. Joe asks Wilks if he has any leftover belongings from the Inglebrook fire that he could give to Penny. Henry asks Annie if he can bring visitors back to the farmhouse; then he sheepishly asks if she would object to him keeping a bottle or two in his room. David knows that Gwen did not sleep in her room all night.


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Gwen Russell: "If we don't get some light in here soon, I shall- I shall run screaming into the forest and accost the nearest poacher."

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