Nicola can't help herself when she's rude to a police officer, while Viv ignores Bob's pleas to retract her statement. He's left deflated when she treats him like he's betrayed her. At the police station, Nicola's devastated to learn that she has been charged and could be handed a six-month custodial sentence. With that, she breaks down in Jimmy's arms. When they return to the village, Nicola indignantly confronts Viv and Bob's shocked to hear that Nicola faces prison. Disgusted by his wife's actions, Bob walks away, while Viv remains unapologetic. Meanwhile, Chas is anxious when Cain informs her that Aaron will be returning to work at the garage the following day. Concerned for her son, Chas asks Cain not to let on that he knows about Aaron's sexuality. Later, Chas confides her worries to Paddy but he assures her that it will be good for Aaron to get his life back on track. Elsewhere, Laurel's nervous for Nicola and after spending the day at the police station she is touched to arrive home to a romantic meal. She is grateful that Ashley has gone to so much effort and they embrace for the first time in a long time. Also, Andy's uncomfortable when John and Moira point out that Adele fancies him; Marlon's unable to play it cool with Rhona; and Andy and Moira tease John about Eve's flirting.


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