Alan tries to convince the Sugdens that Jack won't adjust well to farm life. Meanwhile, Annie's words strike a cord with Jane, who sees Danny off for his job interview.


Danny tells Amos that he won't be playing at the match as he has an interview. Alan tells Annie that he thinks Jack will struggle to adjust back to country life. Jack is recruited as Danny's replacement at the football match. Jane laments to Annie that she feels Danny is being pushed into the job by villagers. Annie advises her that it's no use holding Danny back as she tried that once with Jack and she ended up losing him. Alan remarks to Jack that he considers returning to the place where he started a step backwards. On the day of his interview, Jane sees Danny off and wishes him luck. The football match gets underway. Annie's pleased when Jane pops by the farm. Amos confronts Sam about him winning the Ireland holiday competition by using his poem, but Sam says he made up his own in the end. Annie and Jane discuss their children and realise they've been fortunate. Jack is praised by the villagers when he scores two goals at the football match, but is unable to stop the Hotten team from winning.


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