Eve's relentless with her flirting as she turns up to work in skimpy attire. When Eve accidentally cuts herself on the farm, she continues her charm offensive with John and enjoys playing the injured girl act. John suggests that he take her home and she's intrigued when she senses a spark between them. In the car, Eve thanks him with a kiss on the check but moves in further and suggestively kisses him on the lips. John foolishly allows himself to kiss her back for a second, before panicking about his actions. John's unaware, though that Cain has seen everything and is smiling with devilish intent. Will Cain tell Moira? Or will Eve be the one to cause trouble? Meanwhile, Diane's exasperated by Doug's unwillingness to talk. She tries to explain her decision but he's hurt that she chose Charlie over him. Later, Laurel and Ashley force Doug to spend the evening with them. In the pub, Doug finds it hard seeing them together but is forced to hold his head high when Charlie apologises. Elsewhere, Natasha and Declan enjoy a bottle of wine in The Woolpack. Nathan's enraged to see them getting on so well, while Maisie's pleased for her and urges her to go for it. Also, Aaron's surprised when Holly visits him at the garage and tells him that she's proud of him for coming out; Paddy snaps at Viv's insensitivity about Aaron's sexuality; Moira coolly warns Cain that John won't back down over the outstanding garage bill; and Jamie and Gennie return from their job interview in Newquay, hopeful that'll it'll result in them starting a new life together.


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