John admits to Eve that their kiss was a mistake and is relieved when she insists that what happened between them will stay between them. However, when Cain threatens to go to Moira, John reluctantly pays the outstanding garage bill. Moira, however, is bemused when she sees their altercation. Later in The Woolpack, Moira's annoyed when Eve lets on that John told her about Holly's problems. With that, Cain can't help himself and mentions to Moira that he saw John and Eve kissing. Unable to believe what she's hearing she storms straight home, leaving Cain triumphant. At Butler's, Moira calmly questions John about Cain's allegation but is taken aback when John confirms the allegations. Furious, Moira slaps him for betraying her and tearfully asks him to leave and not to come back. Will Moira be able to forgive John? Will she confront Eve? Meanwhile, Declan informs Natasha that the Home Farm shop isn't making enough profit and that they need to close it. Natasha's incredulous and Nathan supports - she's glad to finally have her on side again. However, when Maisie points out Declan knows what he's talking about, Natasha's forced to reconsider. Elsewhere, an awkward Doug moves back into Mulberry. Diane feels awful for pushing Doug away, so Charlie tries to cheer her up by asking her to consider a trip to France with him. Also, Aaron relaxes when Victoria teases him about perhaps turning him straight; and Bob begins to plan a going away party for Gennie and Jamie when they land the job in Newquay.


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