Gennie's offered some hope when Jamie reluctantly agrees to go to Newquay with her to start afresh. Meanwhile, Viv's devastated as she tells Bob that their marriage is over. When Jamie arrives to talk to his dad, he's struck when Viv points out that the situation will always hang over him and Gennie. Later, Gennie's devastated when Jamie reveals that he's unable to forgive and forget. Changing his mind, Jamie informs Gennie that he doesn't want her to move with him. With that, Jamie bids farewell to his friends and family, before sombrely leaving the village. How will Gennie cope without Jamie? Will Bob prove to Viv he really loves her? Meanwhile, Adam's frustrated when he finds a raucous Holly in the pub when she is meant to be at college. He's also bemused when he realises how much money she's borrowed from Scarlett. Confronting his sister, Adam warns that if she doesn't repay Scarlett every penny he'll tell their parents. Elsewhere, Charlie enlists Victoria and Andy's help to arrange a surprise for Diane. Informing Diane that he's taking her out to dinner, she's delighted when he reveals that the restaurant is in Paris. Also, Nicola informs Jimmy that she's in court just after the wedding, while he assures her she won't end up in prison; Brenda makes sure Gennie knows how ashamed she is of her; Andy nearly runs Adele over in the street and offers to buy her a drink to apologise; and Adele's disappointed when Lisa warns her that Andy isn't worth the trouble.


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