Ed decides to give up his business in America to take over his father's farm. Meanwhile, Amos hears noises and begins to believe The Woolpack is haunted.


Joe teases Amos about him snoring at The Woolpack. Suspecting Henry has told him about it, Amos informs Joe that Henry produces a series of grunts every morning himself. Mrs. Eckersley helps out in the farmhouse while Annie and Sam are on holiday. She tells Jack that her daughter, Esmarelda, has read his book. Henry is hurt slightly when he mentions going to visit Dolly, but Matt insists she must have no visitors. When she returns home, Esmarelda questions Mrs. Eckersley about Jack and if he remembers her. Henry passes on the news that Ed Hathersage is giving up his business in America and going into farming. Amos is concerned when he hears noises in the walls when Henry is out. He searches for a cause but is unable to find anything. Shortly afterwards, he finds an advert in the newspaper for a chest expander and quickly hides the page when Henry enters. He tells Henry about the noises he's heard and reminds him that the house is supposed to be haunted.


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Memorable dialogue

Joe Sugden: "What's England got that America hasn't, eh?"
Matt Skilbeck: "Amos Brearly?"

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