Nicola has the hangover from hell but is delighted when her brother Paul turns up for the wedding. At the rehearsal, however, Nicola panics that the ceremony won't go ahead, so decides to call it off. Jimmy emotionally pleads that whatever happens in court the following day, they'll get married - somehow. After the rehearsal, Nicola asks Jimmy not to attend the hearing. Seeing how worried she is, Jimmy tries to approach Viv but is appalled by her frostiness. Meanwhile, Aaron puts his foot in it when Gennie asks Paul to give him some advice about his sexuality. An anxious Aaron, however, is quick to shoot him down but is gutted when Jackson overhears him. Declan's exasperated when Cain hints that his brand new bath is in the bottom of the skip - with all Cain's rubbish piled on top. However, much to Cain and Charity's amusement, the bath is sitting in their living room. Elsewhere, Rhona moves into Dale View with Ryan and Andy; and Paddy's thoughtful when Marlon suggests allowing Rhona to buy a share in his practice after they were both out-bid for the other surgery.


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