Amos has a fall whilst using his chest expander, whilst Joe receives a phone call from America.


Mrs. Eckersley invites Jack into her cottage for a cup of tea and to meet Esmarelda. Esmarelda sees him approaching and rushes upstairs. When Mrs. Eckersley leaves to get her husband, Harold, Esmarelda hands Jack a book she's written asking him to read it but not tell her parents. Amos and Henry continue to speculate what was causing the noise in the walls at The Woolpack - Amos still believing it's a ghost. Henry is puzzled when Amos receives a parcel and is quick to hide it from him. He opens the parcel in private to reveal his chest expander but loses his temper with Henry when he keeps walking into the backroom and almost catching him with it. Henry, Joe and Judy soon find out what was in the parcel when Amos hurts his back using the equipment and yells out for help. Jack avoids reading Esmarelda's book. Matt guilts him into reading it when he points out Jack wouldn't have got where he did without somebody giving his book a chance. Mrs. Eckersley and Harold push Esmarelda to think about what she's going to do over finding work and try to push her towards an office job. She agrees to think about it. Joe receives a phone call from America.


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  • The Woolpack - Public bar, corridor and backroom
  • Emmerdale Farm - Farmhouse kitchen/living room and cowshed
  • Eckersleys' Cottage - Kitchen and garden
  • Unknown road
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