Nathan's surprised to walk in on Declan and Natasha together but Natasha insists that he should get used to seeing Declan around. Later, Nathan cruelly reminds Declan that he'll pay for breaking their deal in the long run and threatens to expose their arrangement to Natasha. Declan, however, laughs off his childish games, leaving Nathan seething. Meanwhile, Val's furious when Charlie reveals that he's returning to France permanently within the next few weeks. Heeding Val's warning, Charlie eventually plucks up the courage to come clean with Diane over dinner. Aaron's eager to find solace with Jackson and reluctantly confides in him that someone at community payback is giving him a hard time for being gay. A nonchalant Jackson, however, tells him to deal with it. Elsewhere, Carl's shouting causes Edna to trip at work and dislocate her arm; Sam's surprised when Natasha tersely warns him to forget Declan's demand to clear the woods; and Eve sees Edna's accident as an excuse to tease Carl.


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  • This episode referred to a scene in the episode broadcast on 18th June 2004, when Edna was accidentally run over by Sam Dingle.
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