Word about Natasha's flowers from beyond the grave spreads through the village. Faye furiously confronts Natasha about knowing more than she's let on, while an off-hand comment from Cain sets Maisie off again in The Woolpack. Diane sends Maisie home for the day and on her arrival, Natasha's furious with herself that she can't provide Maisie with the closure she needs. Sensing that Natasha's contemplating coming clean, a frantic Nathan attempts to dissuade his mother from revealing all to Maisie about Mark's murder. Just as Natasha's about to reveal all to Maisie, Nathan steps in and confesses to sending the flowers. Horrified by her brother's actions, Maisie slaps him, before storming out. Nathan tells Natasha that they are bound to hear from whoever sent the flowers. Meanwhile, Val encourages Diane to move to France with Charlie. However, Charlie informs her that it's unlikely he'll be able to fund the rest of the chateaux renovations. Later, Diane's left frustrated when Charlie kindly refuses her offer of money to fund the building work from the sale of The Woolpack. Elsewhere, Marlon and Rhona enjoy each other's company at dinner; Eve arrives at Pear Tree Cottage in a revealing outfit but promises to heed Scarlett's cold warning about flirting; and as Marlon and Rhona lean in for a kiss, they're interrupted by Paddy who claims that there's an emergency Rhona's needed for.


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