Adele throws an impromptu housewarming party at Victoria Cottage. Holly turns up with Adam but is quickly bored as it's not the kind of party she's used to. Holly finds Scarlett's purse and pockets it, before suggesting to Roz that they head off into town for a night out. On their way out, Holly throws Scarlett's purse away to make it look like Scarlett lost it. Having seen Holly dispose of the purse, a fuming Aaron confronts Holly, before letting Adam know that his sister is a druggie and a thief. Adam's rocked by the news and leaves Holly panicking while he decides what to do. Aaron tells Adam that his sister is a drug addict and a thief. Meanwhile, Nathan struggles to change Natasha's mind about turning herself in, while Natasha prepares a 'last supper' for the family - at the meal, Natasha plans to reveal all about Mark's death. Later, Nathan's stunned when his mother reveals that she's made plans to safeguard their futures and asks him to be Will's guardian. As mealtime fast approaches, Natasha decides that she wants one last perfect night with her children and resolves to tell them in the morning. Elsewhere, Jai feels bad that he hasn't been close enough to his brother for him to confide in him earlier about his secret.


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