Marlon informs the family that Shadrach has died. After Marlon says that he was found face down in a river, Zak shows no sympathy, assuming that he fell over just reaching for a can of ale. The devastated Dingles are further shocked when Marlon reveals that Shadrach had in fact been ill for several weeks. Zak is angry that Marlon didn't tell them, despite Marlon's promise to Shadrach that he wouldn't. Marlon won't stand being blamed for Shadrach's death and retorts that he actually bothered to take care of Shadrach unlike everyone else, before storming out. Zak goes over to the woods and Sam follows him. They reminisce about Shadrach's arrival for Butch's funeral and Zak and Shadrach's younger years. Leaving Zak alone, Sam hurries after Alfie in the grounds of Home Farm, only to be hit by an awful stench. He's horrified to find that Alfie has dug up what appears to be a body. Sam panics and quickly calls the police. Elsewhere, a crushed Diane heads off on holiday to Spain to tell Victoria the news about Charlie.


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