Reeling from his shock discovery in the woods, Sam bursts into Home Farm and breaks the news to Nathan and Katie. As the police descend on Home Farm, Nathan calls Natasha back from her holiday with Declan. Nathan's on edge as the police begin to ask questions and when his mother returns, she spots a police car and is instantly filled with dread. Under Natasha's instruction, Declan heads out to collect Maisie and Will, while the police recover a watch with an inscription that identifies the corpse as Mark's. On hearing the policeman suggest that the body is that of Mark, Natasha recalls her version of events on that cold January night, before breaking down. Struggling to find the words, Natasha's forced to tell her children that their father has been found buried in the grounds of Home Farm. Trying to take in what's happened, Natasha's heart breaks as she comes to terms with the hurt that she's caused. Elsewhere, Leyla's excited about her new business venture; the Dingles are in shock to learn that Shadrach has gone; and Betty worries that they've found Seth's body at Home Farm.


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