Leyla is stunned when her sister Alicia turns up to warn her that she should stay away from their mother's funeral. After Alicia leaves, Leyla is shaken and snaps at David when he tries to help. He tries to convince her to attend the funeral despite her sister's wishes. Meanwhile, Pearl is annoyed that Rhona and Paddy are hungover and drops them in it with Marlon. He is visibly hurt as Rhona squirms, realising she should have called him. However, she's relieved when he later forgives her and insists they spend tonight together instead. Elsewhere, Ryan is comforted by a prison guard named Abi and is later depressed to learn that Will and Maisie think he killed Mark; Andy is suspicious when Adele has to babysit again but refuses a lift there; Terry and Brenda lightly discuss new business ventures; and Ryan's shocked when Faye asks if there's any truth in the allegations he's facing.


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