Andy is relieved when Rhona doesn't question his story about the broken cupboard. Later, Adele agrees to talk to Andy privately, but when she tells him they need to break up, he tries to stop her from leaving. Scared, she rushes out as Andy tries really hard to control his anger. In the pubKatie is concerned when Adele tells her she broke up with him. Andy is in turmoil as he sits in his Landrover revving the engine. He doesn't see Katie as he suddenly drives at speed trying to block out his thoughts and crashes straight into a set of bins. Katie can't believe her eyes and as she runs over to make sure he's okay, she's met by his anger and feels totally helpless. Meanwhile, Holly climbs out of bed and is disappointed that she hasn't got any cocaine left. Later, Hannah reluctantly introduces Isaac to the family. Holly guiltily pockets Isaac's MP3 when she notices he's left it behind. Elsewhere, Rhona arranges to go on a residential training course in Glasgow and is delighted when Marlon agrees to go with her; Eve's pleased when Carl offers to give her a lift to her job interview; Carl is relieved when Chas doesn't hear him flirting with Eve; and Hazel introduces herself as Jackson's mum to Chas.


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