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*[[Ashley Thomas]] - [[John Middleton]]
*[[Ashley Thomas]] - [[John Middleton]]
*[[Roz Fielding]] - [[Kirsty-Leigh Porter]]
*[[Roz Fielding]] - [[Kirsty-Leigh Porter]]
*[[David Metcalfe]] - [[Matthew Wolfenden]]
*[[Leyla Harding]] - [[Rokhsaneh Ghawam-Shahidi]]
*[[Douglas Potts]] - [[Duncan Preston]]
*[[Viv Hope]] - [[Deena Payne]]
*[[Hannah Barton]] - [[Grace Cassidy]]
*[[Adam Barton]] - [[Adam Thomas]]
*[[Val Pollard]] - [[Charlie Hardwick]]
*[[Sam Dingle]] - [[James Hooton]]
*[[Adele Allfrey]] - [[Tanya Vital]]
*[[Eve Jenson]] - [[Suzanne Shaw]]
*[[Hazel Rhodes]] - [[Pauline Quirke]]
*[[Jackson Walsh]] - [[Marc Silcock]]
*[[Chas Dingle]] - [[Lucy Pargeter]]
*[[Pearl Ladderbanks]] - [[Meg Johnson]]
*[[John Barton]] - [[James Thornton]]
===Guest cast===
===Guest cast===

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Holly babysits for Laurel and Ashley - but is she a safe pair of hands? Andy seeks help with his anger. Scarlett decides enough is enough..


Regular cast

Guest cast



  • Originally scheduled for Thursday 19th August, transmission of this episode was (at the last minute) brought forward a day to accommodate football coverage. Transmission was 8:00pm.
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